Life is full of struggles and disappointments. It is inevitable. More-so when those struggles hinder you from attaining your dreams. The question is do you continue to struggle or do you give up. One of the hardest parts in life is trying to keep your dreams alive when there seems to be no end to the roadblocks that hold you back or stop you dead in your tracks. These roadblocks can seem insurmountable at times, but the fact that they are recognized as roadblocks means you are on the right path. If you did not know they were just roadblocks after all, then you are not seeing the larger mosaic. Besides, most roadblocks can be circumvented by a detour, or if you are like me… just bare knuckle clawing and hammering through it, with only a clenched fist and sheer determination.

This is not to say, I don’t get discouraged, I do… ALL the time…! Sometimes I doubt, as everyone does, that I will ever attain my dreams, but, every so often there is a crack in the roadblock, a weak spot that I can exploit. When I find these rare fractures, and they are rare indeed, I just grab a bigger hammer and wail away until it crumbles. It is a long road to travel to get to where you are going, and everyone must go through what the go through to get there.. The roadblocks will be many and they will show up in your path often. Sometimes you will see them coming and can plan ahead.. Others will pop up as you round the next corner, catching you by surprise.. But giving in and letting go of your dreams is to lose faith in yourself. To stand at a roadblock and say “I have gone as far as I can go, and will go no further.” Once faith is gone, the road home and back to the beginning becomes a life long torture of regrets, and when you manage the courage to face the voyage again, the road back is much harder and the roadblocks higher and stronger. So I say… No matter how high the roadblocks, or how frequent… Find that crack… scout that detour.. Sooner or later there will be a clearing.. and when there is… RUN… as fast as you can to the other side so you can see the next roadblock. Then start attacking it with all you have…

Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts