Digital Animation Assignment Week 1

Week 1 Video Assignment- Selected Video: For the Birds

Analysis: I chose this video just because it made me laugh. I have always been a fan of ironical situations and this clip is no exception. Examples of the 12 Principals of animation are found throughout the video including the following.

Staging- Camera angle at :57 reveals other concealed birds. Animator is in complete control of viewers focal point. Another example of Camera Angle found at 2:15 is the sudden pan out revealing the extremes in travel and scale further building the anticipation.

Exaggeration- This video is filled with exaggeration in the facial expressions of the birds, however at 1:05 the left birds unflattering mimicry of the large bird is comical and way over the top.

Follow Through- At 1:32 the wire begins to drop and at 1:35 at the end of the drop the wire rebounds up and down several times before settling in a static position.

Anticipation- Personally my favorite part of the video occurs at 2:26. The small birds realize their peril, however they are no longer in control of their fate as the large birds last toe finally lets go, sending the small birds into the atmosphere.


Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts