Digital Animation Assignment: Week 2


Video Selection: Oh, Sheep!

I selected this video more or less because it is outside of the mainstream for content. While the content of the video may be a little disturbing to some (Sorry, but, I actually laughed at much of it!), the animation itself, the use of squish and squash as well as secondary movements are both successful in conveying the mood of the animation.

Analysis: Examination of this video reveals two of the following principles of Animation:

Secondary Movement: Marker 0:56 shows the movement of the sheeps eyes in conjunction with the bouncing motion, which, in the context of the video, portray excitement. By contrast, the same eye movement at marker 4:44 is used to convey disgust and distaste. The purpose of Secondary movement is to  enhance characterization and mood based on the overall primary movement, and add emphasis to the primary movement without overshadowing that movement.

Squish and Squash: Marker 2:10 a sheep falls over. While the “squash” is very subtle, it is enough to give mass to the sheep. At 2:49 a sheep attempting to jump the fence shows squash as the body is elongated to imply weightless flight.


Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts