Digital Animation Assignment: Week 3


Video Selection: The Bad Egg

I selected this video for it’s dark moral message. The use of animation to make a statement can be just as powerful as any live video or other form of storytelling.

Analysis: This video demonstrates two of the following principals of animation.

Anticipation: Marker 1:29 shows the buildup to the demise of egg number 3. This is achieved through the long fall and cinematic cut away to the medium shot of the egg being impaled on the rocks below. Furthermore this scene is repeated at marker 1:42 with out the final inevitable “Splat” at the end of the scene.

Appeal: The evil young bird is designed in such an over the top manner that while his temperament is deplorable, it lends itself perfectly to the story and the point of the animation. Had the bird been anything less than he is, the story would feel flat. The character designers appear to have put a great deal of thought into his creation. Throughout the majority of the video, he maintains his evil demeanor.

Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts