Digital Animation Project 1

Digital Animation: Shape Interaction Assignment

There are many challenges to doing Digital Animation. My first assignment for the semester involved creating several shapes and in some manner or fashion, have those objects interact with each other. Being new to the animation software and not familiar with the principals of animation in general, I found this assignment very challenging. To begin with, I did not create the entire animation in Adobe Animation CC. The background for this animation was actually created in Corel Painter and imported into Animation as a jpeg file. I then broke apart the file and used the lasso tool to create 3 separate layers. The foreground layer of grass, the middle layer of clouds and the full background as a final layer. This allowed me to motion tween the clouds as well as keep the grass layer in the furthest forward position where all other layers would settle behind.

The spheres and all other aspects of the animation were created in Adobe. They were tweeted, re-tweened, and re-tweened over and over. In fact, it became so tedious and the mistakes so repetitious,  I started to think I would never be satisfied and that the whole project would be a complete failure. But, I stuck it out, suffered through every mistake, and eventually completed my first animation. Even going so far as adding music, sound effects and even a credit reel. A victory for perseverance, but one that took a heavy toll on me. In all, I spent approximately 60 hours chained to my computer just to produce 38 or so seconds of animation… Makes you wonder how they make full length feature films.

Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts