Digital Animation Assignment: Week 6

Animation Analysis Assignment: Principals of Animation

Video Selection: Trouble Brewing

I chose this animation because I was intrigued by the character of the Ogre. After all, “Tea Time” is not something one normally associates with the personality of an Ogre, and certainly not one who drinks his tea from fine Victorian tea ware.

The principle I am focusing on for this video is the principal of “Slow in, Slow out”. This principle is based on the premise that movement in animation starts with a slow pace (slow into the motion) and gradually increases in speed as the movement progresses. Furthermore, towards the end of a motion the speed will decrease (slow out of the motion) as the motion comes to a stop.

One example of “Slow in” can be found at marker 0:33 when the mother Billygoat raises her head to remove the young kid. The motion starts slowly from the lowest point of the raise and increases in ferocity and speed as she reaches the apex of the head lift. This gives the impression she exerted force with enough energy to launch the young kid from her head.

Then at marker 2:07 we see an example of “Slow out”, when the mothers movements come to a stop after sliding down the mountain. This slowing motion gives the impression of mass as well as friction. Bringing the motion to a stop, as even the rocks and pebbles slow down towards the end of their respective journeys.

Finally, at marker 4:17 both slow in and slow out are demonstrated when the young kid leaps across the back of the Ogre. In this scene the young kid’s motions show slow out as he lands, and slow in as he jumps to the beam on the other side.

Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts