Digital Animation Assignment: Week 7

Animation Analysis Assignment: Principals of Animation


Video Selection: Opening Sequence- Ghost in the Shell

I chose this video for one reason. In the world of Anime and Animation, when contemplating the original gold standard by with all other Anime is judged, two titles are generally considered: Akira (1988) and Ghost in the Shell (1995). The cutting edge story and production of Ghost however, makes this one of the most loved animated productions by Japanese Anime fans worldwide, myself included. So much so, the live action movie was a huge box office draw even after 20 years from the original release date of the Animated feature film.

The principle of animation I am focusing on for this sequence is Follow Through,  Overlapping Action and Drag. All of the aspects of this principle are what give mass and volume to a character. While in some animations this can be seen as gross motor movements (Large Motions), it can also be achieved in very small and subtle ways. In this sequence prior to the leap from the rooftop, Major Kusunagi’s hair at marker 0:19 is blowing in the wind. However, volume is achieved due to the fact that all the hair is not blowing at the same velocity or angle around the entire head and face. This gives the impression that her head is not flat, but curved, implying volume. This same effect can be seen at marker 3:12 as Major is falling. While her body movement is stationary, the fact that her hair is blowing in slightly different angles and portions of hair are moving at speeds different from each other, show that drag is being placed on the hair giving the head structure and weight.

Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts