Digital Animation Assignment: Week 8

Animation Analysis Assignment: Principals of Animation


Video Selection: Lost Boy

I chose this video for its sheer artistic value. What I found most appealing is the artists choice of an almost all black and white animation. Furthermore, this was a student project, so I thought it would be interesting to see how others approach many of the same obstacles I currently face as a student.

In this animation, the principal I am focusing on is Solid Drawing. Solid Drawing is the ability to draw in 3 dimensions adding weight, volume, and mass to an object. In the case of this video, the creator has made a concerted effort to use her skills as an artist to really define the shapes and forms used, to create a truly interesting animation. Both of the characters, the boy and the girl, while devoid of any detailed facial features have mass due to the overlapping curved lines within the drawings. The drawings do not feel flat despite the lack of shadow and the monochromatic construction of the characters. By having overlapping lines and negative space play against each other, the drawings become round, dimensional and lively. This a truly wonderful piece of student animation.

Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts

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