Digital Animation Assignment: Week 9

Animation Analysis Assignment: Principles of Animation

Video Selection: Hey Deer!

I chose this animation due to its appealing story line. It took a few minutes into it before realizing what was happening, but once I did, it all made sense. As a story, it has a very Twilight Zone sort of feel, reminiscent of the episode “Stopover in a Quiet Town”, only without the creepiness factor. I especially liked the end scene. After all, who doesn’t like a happy ending.

The principle I focused on for this video is actually what is missing. There is a great deal of movement within the animation resulting from what should be squishy objects. However, there is no utilization of the principle of squish and squash. As objects are tossed around there is no evidence they have any give in them. Such as the snow being shoveled at marker 0:27. Nothing in this animation that should be squishy, actually squishes. This includes the deer himself, who, by design, should be very squishy when falling on his back such as found at marker 4:23. Yet, for the story, this actually works when you come to the realization the deer is actually a hard plastic piece inside of a snow globe, and the snow is the tiny round pieces of plastic found within.


Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts