Digital Animation Assignment: Week 10

Animation Analysis Assignment: Principles of Animation

Video Selection: Incredibles 2-Funniest Moments

I won’t lie… I love animated movies. Especially Pixar movies. And while Pixar is owned by Disney, there are some things you just won’t see in your standard Disney animations that Pixar is not afraid to put on screen. The Incredibles 2 is just such a movie. I mean, when have you ever seen a Disney movie where toilet humor is a factor, such as Jack Jack filling his diaper with a smile on his face. In my opinion, Pixar seems to go to great lengths to develop their characters, and not stick to a systematic blueprint like those found in Disney.. In most Disney movies, it is all about the princess, where-as, with Pixar it is about the whole story. In the original Incredibles, however, the one character who lacked character development was Jack Jack. In this second installment of the franchise though, Jack Jack is the focus. His character is so likable due to his absolutely incorruptible innocence. There are so many great aspects to this story where Jack Jack is concerned. His character development however, relies heavily on the principle of secondary action. For Jack Jack, this is accomplished through his facial expressions. His defense of the garbage can from the raccoon, as seen at marker 0:46 in the compilation video, is one of the greatest sequences in the entire film. Furthermore, the animation of his facial expressions are executed in such a manner that there is absolutely no evidence of malice in his demeanor. Only that of a child hero protecting his domain, viewing the raccoon as a robber and a trespasser in his world. By contrast, his “Demon Baby” mode is exactly what you would expect from a child throwing a tantrum. And the anticipation in his face prior to transformation, marker 3:57, shows exactly what he is feeling while still maintaining that childlike innocence.

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