Digital Animation Assignment: Week 11

Animation Analysis Assignment: Principles of Animation


Video Selection: Too Fat Animals-Round Animals

I love these round animals videos, if for no other reason than they are absolutely hilarious. From an animators standpoint, the use of spherical objects gives the animator a great deal of wiggle room to create a lot of action without the constraints of anatomical correctness, and still make the characters recognizable. What the animators rely heavily on for the sense of volume and dimension is the principal of squish and squash. It is that principle, which is used so heavily in the animation sequences, which creates the action as well as the overall comedic tone of the video. While I would normally point out specific moments in the video where the principle is utilized, at 22 minutes long, there are just too many to list. These videos are really fun to watch however.

Author: jggregoryStudios

Undergraduate Student Westchester Community College- Visual Arts

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