Digital Animation Assignment: Week 13

Animation Analysis Assignment: Principles of Animation

Video Selection: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


One of the few successful movies to combine animation with live action is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. What makes the animation sequences in this move so great is the fact that all the animation was done in a time before CGI had even been invented. Thusly, all the animation was hand drawn in a frame by frame format.

What makes the animation so successful and lively is the animators strict adherence to the principles of squish and squash. Without these principles, the transitions from animation and live action would be less believable and not feel as though the two belong in the same world. But, in the instance of Roger Rabbit, the animation of the squish and squash is so exaggerated it ensures the viewer truly understands that he, and the other animated characters are exactly what they seem to be… Toons…

Examples of this over the top animation can be seen in the video at Markers 1:16, 2:31 and 2:40.

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