Advanced Video Editing

This Page contains Academic Assignments for Film 143-Advanced Video Editing- Spring 2020

Professor: R. Jenny Evans

Topa Topa

Assignment: Using supplied raw media, choose an aspect of Topa Topa to highlight. The Company, the beer-making process, or the Co-operative.

I decided to focus on the company and its people. I felt there were better interviews conducted and the subject allowed for a greater exploration of the supplied B-roll footage. The assignment called for choosing soundbites and b-roll, the addition of music, titles, color correction, and audio correction. Removal of “Lazy” interview content and seamless merging of audio and video tracks.




Assignment: Revisit any previous edit you were unhappy with and rework the edit.

I chose to use the raw footage from a previous documentary assignment given in my Basic Video Editing course. My issue was that the assignment was very structured and 95% of the raw footage was not presented for the original assignment. Furthermore, due to the nature of the assignment, all creative control was removed from the student. After doing some research I found that the original footage contained not only interviews and b-roll, but had an entire narrative, shot as a fictional introductory story for the documentary. I decided to explore this aspect as well as re-edit the documentary to attempt to tell a more compelling story.



Bingo Night

Final Assignment: Using provided, found or original footage complete a short story edit using all skills learned throughout all previous editing courses.

For this assignment, I chose to do something different than that which I had previously done. Instead of using footage provided by the instructor or shooting my own, I opted to place myself in the scenario of an editor for a full-length production where I would be provided with just a script and the raw footage. (The typical scenario of an editor hired for post-production after the film has been shot.) To do this, I licensed footage from for the short film Bingo Night. During the process, I deleted the produced final movie from the files without viewing so as to not be influenced by the original film in shot choice or editing. Therefore, this is my original creative take on the film.


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