Project 1 Story Board:

Concept: Anti-bullying

4 Spheres interacting and being bounced out of frame through collision with sequentially larger spheres, until largest sphere acts as guardian for the smallest sphere.


Week 1 Storyboard 1Week 1 Storyboard 2

Project 2: Walk Cycle Storyboards

Concept: Puppy abducted by aliens as an impromptu pet adoption.

Scenario 1: Frame by Frame

Walk Cycle Frame by Frame

Scenario 2: Background Motion Tween

Walk Cycle Background Motion Tween

Scenario 3: Stationary Background Motion Tween

Walk Cycle Motion Tween

Project 3: Cat in a Tree

Concept: Get the cat out of the tree.

Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3Panel 4Panel 5panel-6-e1541059696325.jpg


Final Project Story Board- Start-Action-End

Scene 1-4Scene 5-8

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