Videos and Animations

Week 15 Final Animation: The Rescue


Week 14 Analysis Assignment: Steamboat Willie


Week 13 Analysis Assignment: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Week 12 Analysis Assignment: Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Game Trailer 


Week 11 Analysis Assignment: Too Fat Animals


Week 10 Animatic Assignment: Single Scene for Final Project


Week 10 Analysis Assignment: The Incredibles 2-Funniest Moments Compilation


Week 9 Analysis Assignment: Hey Deer!


Week 9 Assignment: Animatic- Cat in a Tree


Week 8 Analysis Assignment: Lost Boy


Week 7 Analysis Assignment: Ghost in the Shell


Week 7 Walk Cycle Assignment 


Week 6 Analysis Assignment: Trouble Brewing


Week 5 Analysis Assignment: Take Me Home


Week 4 Analysis Assignment: Snack Attack


Week 4 Created Animation Assignment: The Small One

I found this animation sequence to be very difficult to complete for one reason. I still don’t grasp some of the basics of using the software. Not having much experience in  animation drawing or use of the software left me at a disadvantage as I trudged and hammered my way through the assignment. I found myself starting from scratch on several occasions. Finally I had to tell myself, considering I have no real clue what I am doing, I am just learning and to be patient and have a little faith and confidence that I would be able to succeed. For now, I am moderately satisfied with the end result, but, I aim to improve in the future. Practice makes perfect.


Week 3 Analysis Assignment: The Bad Egg


Week 2 Analysis Assignment: Oh Sheep!


Week 1 Analysis Assignment : For the Birds

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