Digital Storytelling

The following short films are assignments produced for Film 130-Digital Storytelling- Fall 2018.

Professor: R. Jenny Evans

Documentary Assignment Final: The Nose Knows

Assignment: Audio driven documentary

This assignment had so many hurdles I was shocked I was able to finish it in time. The original idea was a documentary on the Garrison Art Center in Garrison New York, but at the last minute, the director of the center backed out and I was left with one week to compose a new idea, record the voice work, shoot, edit, and produce a final project.

This was working under pressure at it’s finest, and proud to say, I am actually happy it worked out that way. My wife is an amazing person and she came through for me in my hour of need. Switching gears, I decided to do a documentary on Canine Nosework and I was fortunate enough to have a certified nosework instructor in my own home. We recorded the Audio in one night, and I shot all the video with her at the Port Chester Obedience Training Club the next. Using Final Cut Pro to edit the audio first, I then added the video and filler still frames to make the story. I used the standard credit and title tools found within Final Cut, and lastly, I chose a subdued upbeat soundtrack for the final production which gave the final movie a calming, yet informative quality..

Self-Portrait Video Assignment: Painted Inside a Bottle

Honorable Mention: Fall 2018- Student Art and Film Show

Assignment: Video driven documentary about an aspect of myself.

This was a difficult assignment for me, as it raised a great deal of emotion and internal turmoil. As a recovering alcoholic, I chose to delve a little deeper than just “a day in the life” scenario, which seemed to be a cop-out path for many. I approached this as a way for me to express who I am inside and the daily struggle I face as I fight to remain sober. I felt I needed the video to be dramatic and have impact, thus, I enhanced the mood and feel with a  dynamic soundtrack, setting the stage for my emotions to be felt by the viewer.

I shot the video first, and then recorded the voice-over work to tell the story. I then utilized Final Cut Pro as the editing software, and Adobe Animate CC 2018 for the titles and credit sequences. I am proud of this piece as it was gratifying to put my inner-self on screen without mercy. I was also proud to learn it received an Honorable Mention at the 2018 Fall Student Art Show.

Collaborative Short Film: The Blind Date

Assignment: Short film about 2 people meeting.

This would seem like an easy assignment, however, logistically it was a nightmare as a first project. This film was a collaboration between myself and three of my classmates.  Rebecca, Juliana and Richard. As with most collaborative projects, getting everyone on the same page is not always easy. It took several weeks to get all the pieces together to shoot the video. With Juliana and Richard playing the character rolls and Rebecca directing, I was left with the task of Cinematographer and Editor. Once completed I used iMovie as the initial introductory software to edit the video footage and add the voice-over audio provided by Juliana and Richard. I designed and animated the title and credit reels in Adobe Animation CC 2018 (And yes, I am aware I spelled Starring wrong in both) and added the final soundtrack to complete the process. As a first attempt at film-making, I was happy with the overall result and it impressed our Professor enough to garnish an “A” for the project. Enjoy…

In collaboration with: Rebecca Hanzlik, Juliana Macias and Richard Williams

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