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This page contains assignments given for Film 142- Video Editing- Spring 2019.

The videos on this page are for assignment purposes only. The video and audio clips used to produce Assignment 1 and 2 were provided by the instructor as standard learning tools. As such, I do not own the rights to any video clip, sound, or music used during the production of these short film projects. These are strictly portfolio pieces used as demonstrations of my editing abilities and the editing process in Final Cut ProX. Assignment 3 was a solo full feature short film project where all aspects were left to the student filmmaker.

Professor: Gerald Katzban- Westchester Community College-Spring 2019

Assignment 1: Delicious Peace

Utilizing only provided stock footage, audio voice-over material and music, create a cohesive story.

I created this short by first analyzing the audio voice-over and deciding on a logical narrative for the story. I then added the audio to the project timeline. Then, after setting in and out points I placed the video into the timeline and using precision editor, clipped and portioned audio to match the visuals. In some instances, I detached the audio from clips and reused/spliced them into other clips to create a sense of continuity in the production. Such as the chirping birds at the beginning of the film. I then added transitions and modified the transitional durations with the precision editor. Finally, I added the musical score and modified the clip, Voice-over and score volumes with audio keyframes ensuring a consistent -6 to -12 Db level. The video was then exported in H.264 compression format.


Assignment 2: Chocolate

Utilizing only provided stock footage, interview clips and music, create a cohesive story.

To start, this assignment had very specific parameters and guidelines including clip usage, clip order, and placement, timing and audio. In essence, a roadmap was provided. First, the interview clips were trimmed to incorporate the narrative and remove unwanted or redundant interview moments. Next, B-Roll video clips were added as connected clips to cover jump cuts. B-roll clips were then edited and trimmed to match on action during cuts. Gap clipping in conjunction with L and J cut edits were used to create a pause break in the narrative where a montage clip could be inserted. Finally, music was added to enhance the final production, and keyframes were used to adjust in/out volumes to ensure musical score was not overemphasized.

Final Assignment: The Keys

Create a short film from conceptualization to finished product utilizing all aspects and concepts learned throughout the semester.

Concept: A man, running late, locks himself out of his house and must find a way back in to retrieve his keys.

This short film was the result of an assignment given for Video Editing. All the pre-production, production, and post-production including; planning, shooting, editing, sound, title and credit reels, were to be performed by the student without assistance. I accomplished this short by utilizing multiple cameras at multiple angles for the shoot. Sound effects recorded utilizing an H4N Field Recorder and Music provided by YouTube Audio Library. Final editing was completed using Final Cut ProX 10.5. Audio levels and color palette were adjusted utilizing on-board tools.

I wanted this video to be fun and silly, but also be relatable, as an “Everybody has done this” story. I also wanted the film to have a sort of Benny Hill or Mr. Bean feel and aesthetic, so I sped up certain clips to between %250-300. A Projector effect was added to enhance and give continuity to the musical selection.

Music Credits:

Lively Lumpsucker– Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Hyperfun- Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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