Video Editing

This page contains assignments given during the semester. All videos on this page are for assignment purposes only. The video clips used to produce these short films were provided by the instructor as standard learning tools. As such, I do not own the rights to any video clip, sound, or music used during the production. These are strictly portfolio pieces used as demonstrations of my editing abilities and the editing process in Final Cut ProX.

Assignment 1: Delicious Peace

Utilizing only provided stock footage, audio voice-over material and music, create a cohesive story.

I created this short by first analyzing the audio voice-over and deciding on a logical narrative for the story. I then added the audio to the project timeline. Then, after setting in and out points I placed the video into the timeline and using precision editor, clipped and portioned audio to match the visuals. In some instances I detached the audio from clips and reused/spliced them into other clips to create a sense of continuity in the production. Such as the chirping birds at the beginning of the film. I then added transitions and modified the transitional duration’s with the precision editor. Finally, I added the musical score and modified the clip, Voice-over and score volumes with audio keyframes ensuring a consistent -6 to -12 Db level. The video was then exported in H264 compression format.